Friday, 15 October 2010

Me and Charles Saatchi

Me and Charles Saatchi? Well, why not. I’ve joined the Brit art luvvies in a manner of speaking by uploading a selection of my artwork to Saatchi Online As a result, Charles wrote me a charming email saying how happy he was to see my work on Saatchi Online, and how thrilled he was by the high standard, etc. Of course I’m ignoring the fact that everyone who submits to the site receives the same charming email.
Included amongst my uploads is an illustration of Xerxes. Why Xerxes? Because he was a thoroughly nasty piece of work by all accounts, so is featured in the forthcoming A-Z of Punishment and Torture which I had great fun illustrating. This fascinating e-book will be released by BeWrite books next month in time for you to buy a copy for your maiden aunt for Christmas (in revenge for all those jumpers she knitted throughout your childhood). When she receives it, she’ll wink knowingly and tell you that she knew exactly what she was doing, owing to a fascination with the art of punishment by knitting. We forgot all about that one when we were doing the letter K, which in the book is illustrated with a depiction of Kangaroo Courts, rather than small children in jumpers with sleeves that reach the floor, but not to worry.
What else have I uploaded? Ah yes, four of the pictures I drew for Leaf Books’ ‘Spring’ competition, three of which were published in the first edition of their excellent Magazine. I also have an illustration in the second edition, in which I shamelessly promoted my novel ‘Small Poisons’ (Circaidy Gregory Press) by drawing my hand writing the first words of the first chapter. The fact that I never write longhand is neither here nor there.
And then there’s Phemaire; an odd, gargoyle-like creature who will featured on the cover art of a forthcoming anthology from Earlyworks Press.
Watch this space...