Friday, 1 December 2006

topical haiku

From time to time I send a topical haiku here. These are the ones that have been published so far.

Casino questions
remain unanswered. Odds are,
dice will have to roll…
(6 July 06)

Killer kangaroos
and demon ducklings of doom.
Scary place, old Oz.
(12 July 06)

“Yo, Blair,” he said. Yo?
I don’t know ‘yo’. Yoyo; yes.
But this is no game.
(18 July 06)

“Grievous bodily
Harmison,” he chuckled, with
perfect line and length.
(27 July 06 )

Fold A4 to fit
C5. Fit four in that way.
Eh? Forfeit? What for?
(22 August 06)

the Blair departing
from platform number ten is
not running on time
(7 September 06)

BAE goes green,
makes friendly lead-free bullets.
Less harmful, they say…
(18 September 06)

"Greetings, pop pickers!"
Thus spake Fluff to the angels,
his countdown complete.
(28 November 06)


Kay said...

d considering you're the only person I know who can tell the difference between a haiku and a senryu (did I spell that right?) at first glance, respect!

aliqot said...

Hey, I remember some of these - I think they've stopped now though.
They were fun to do, as well.